Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moment to my self.

I don't think ive ever had such strong feelings toward anything in my entire life. I mean Ive had some time to think and just wow, these feelings im feeling are so powerful, when i doubt them, they make them selves known twice as hard. I love being in love. Its an amazing feeling, knowing that there is someone out there that loves you as much as you do. It can get crazy sometimes, but our bond will never be broken. IM proud and just grateful for the fact that my wishes were granted. Of course it wouldnt come easy, ive worked for it, gone through some fucked up shit. But my heart has just grown with so much love. I feel it all around me, just an aura around me, coming off of me. Its great. It can get overwhelming but, theres nothing wrong with too much love. We both have to work hard to be happy. And its the experiences that we go through that make us stronger. TO forever my love, Samuel :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bathing suits??

I am having a hard time finding a few bathing suits that will suit me well this summer. I know i want a sailor kind of themed one with the blue and white stripes i just havent found the right one. Ughh i hate having bigger that average sized boobs :P. lol but anyways. I wonder how many ill find. Ill post pictures up of some im like later on
BYE :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Summer, Where Art Thou

Summer is almost here, i absolutely love the how the sun feels on my skin. I love the sound of the brids singing, the leaves blowing, even all the little kids who play outside.
Anyways, enough light poetry talk. Summer is just around the corner and im just going crazy just thinking about it. This winter has been long, and just blech. One of the things i love about summer, is the fact that you're always seem to be surrounded by people. EVERYWHERE you go, there is always people. I love that, Im a very people person. And this Winter has made me so lonely. Ive just been couped up in my lil 'ole house with nothing to do but just sit and try not to be cold.
Now who doesnt love being at the mall during the summer, i know i love it. Especially going to the movies and watching a hella bunch of em. IM uber excited for Eclipse, Iron Man 2, and Karate Kid. But im bound to be watching others because of my boyfriend.
Another thing i love about summer is, NO SCHOOL. There has not been one spring were im as excited as i am now to get rid of. College just has pretty much taking over. This summer Im actually going to enjoy everyday. And make each one EVENTFUL. Past summers i would go a week without any plans. But even if i have to go take my dog to a park and walk her im going to do it. I know have my own car so im able to take my self wherever i please. Thank dad for that :)
Well this is a sort blog, but History1301 is calling me, ughh how i dread these next 2 hours of HISTORY! Well until next time,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some of What Ive Done

Back around 2008, I had a myspace site where i would edit pictures and make layouts for other people. I am absolutely obssesed with editing and here are just a few of what ive made since then. I will be posting more up every time i finish a few. :)

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Thank you guys. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cruizinchik contest!!!

So i was looking around youtube, and i found this beautiful girls account.
her videos are really cool! I absolutely love her hauls.
But anyways shes having a contest and one over her rules was to talk about
her contest in a blog.
lol ive never blogged before, just myspace but i think im going to really like it.
well EVERYONE should join her contest, shes giving away pretty cool stuff!!
like lush items, temptation and some make up
it end the 29th i think and its a day to night contest so y'all need to do it!!