Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moment to my self.

I don't think ive ever had such strong feelings toward anything in my entire life. I mean Ive had some time to think and just wow, these feelings im feeling are so powerful, when i doubt them, they make them selves known twice as hard. I love being in love. Its an amazing feeling, knowing that there is someone out there that loves you as much as you do. It can get crazy sometimes, but our bond will never be broken. IM proud and just grateful for the fact that my wishes were granted. Of course it wouldnt come easy, ive worked for it, gone through some fucked up shit. But my heart has just grown with so much love. I feel it all around me, just an aura around me, coming off of me. Its great. It can get overwhelming but, theres nothing wrong with too much love. We both have to work hard to be happy. And its the experiences that we go through that make us stronger. TO forever my love, Samuel :)

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